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50-3 Native Plants-Wetlands/Shorelines

Instructor: Hjelm, Adam

Do you have a ditch, shoreline, or wetland on your property you want to spruce up beyond
cattails and swamp grass? Do you have an area of yard where the grass just won’t grow because
it is wet most of the time? There are lots of varieties of natives and non-native perennials that
can be used to add color, texture, and eye-appeal that don’t mind having wet toes. Let’s figure
out how to add an aesthetic splash into that soggy site. Participants can request a free native
plant book and register for a door prize.

Participants will receive a PDF version of the PowerPoint as well as a Zoom link for this class. At the end of the Zoom class, there will be time for questions.

Tuition    Resident: $8.00        UNAVAILABLE: past the registration deadline
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End Time 
Zoom, Zoom6/10/20206:30 PM7:30 PM