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50-2 Shoreline Restoration & Maint.

Instructor: Hjelm, Adam

Are you losing ground? Is your shoreline eroding, unsightly or seem to be a goose magnet? Did
the excessive rains last year take a toll? Is the ice pushing up a new ridge every year? Learn how
to improve water quality, reduce erosion and beautify your property using native plants, simple
installation techniques and smart planning for easier long-term maintenance. Participants can request information and brochures, as well as register for a door prize.

Participants will receive a PDF version of the PowerPoint as well as a Zoom link for this class. At the end of the Zoom class, there will be time for questions.

Tuition    Resident: $8.00        UNAVAILABLE: past the registration deadline
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Zoom, Zoom6/3/20206:30 PM7:30 PM