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3017-2 Rain Gardens

Instructor: Hjelm, Adam

What the heck is a rain garden? Can I add one to my property? Do I want or need one? With the
wide variety of plants and materials available you can create a rain garden with a natural wild
look or an organized planting suitable for the most refined settings. Help out the environment
while adding another patch of pretty pollinator habitat. Participants can request an informational
folder full of great publications, and register for a door prize.

Participants will receive a PDF version of the PowerPoint as well as a Zoom link for this class. At the end of the Zoom class, there will be time for questions.

Tuition    Resident: $8.00        UNAVAILABLE: past the registration deadline
Start Time 
End Time 
Zoom, Zoom7/16/20206:30 PM7:30 PM