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1111-2 Compost & Mulches

Instructor: Hjelm, Adam

Composts and mulches are nature’s way of recycling; keeps waste out of landfills, and it
fertilizes without chemicals. It’s a great way to turn wood chips, vegetable and yard trimmings
into a dark, crumbly fertile soil. Make your garden happy and help the environment. Learn how
to use a variety of composts and the various mulches out there for all your planting and
landscaping needs whether you make them yourself or buy them off the shelf. The pros, the
cons, and everything in between.

Participants can request an informational folder full of great publications, and register for a door prize. Participants will receive a PDF version of the PowerPoint as well as a Zoom link for this class. At the end of the Zoom class, there will be time for questions.

Tuition    Resident: $8.00        UNAVAILABLE: past the registration deadline
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Zoom, Zoom6/24/20206:30 PM7:30 PM