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F1014-1 Clean Plate Eating


Join us as we learn how some minor changes to how we cook can make major changes to how we look and feel. CLEAN PLATE EATING - Meat, cheese, and veggie lovers welcome! While this class teaches you how to use the right equipment, food substitutes, and recipes for a plant based eating program we won't be trying to turn you vegan. Our goal is to give you information needed to cook without oil and cut calories w creative food substitutes so some or all nights you have the option to cook plant based meals that are so good you won't even miss meat and dairy cheese! 
The first class focuses on the basics of a plant based diet, how your plate should look and trying some samples!  The second class covers how to condition and use stoneware and cast iron for roasting veggies without oil and how to use a mandolins to make fries out of a couple different vegetables then a potato plus a couple of dips for those fries!
The third class teaches a few ways to steam and sauté veggies without oil. You will also learn how to turn cauliflower into just about anything from mashed potatoes to pizza crust to scrambled eggs! 
We can't wait to share all these delicious recipes and tips with you that will "clean up" your plate leading to a healthier you and have you asking for more, more, more!!
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Tuition    Resident: $34.00        UNAVAILABLE: class has been CANCELLED
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