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1203-3 Heartsaver First Aid Class 3/1/20183/1/2018UNAVAILABLE: past the registration deadline
1228-1 Freezer Meals, Comfort Foods 3/20/20183/20/2018Available
1237-1 Indoor Succulent/Fairy Garden 4/21/20184/21/2018Available
1404-2 Essential Beauty 3/19/20183/19/2018Available
1413-1 Getting the Most from your Camera 3/19/20183/26/2018Available
1431-1 Bird Watching 101 3/20/20183/20/2018Available
2999-1 Conversational Spanish 1/24/20184/11/2018UNAVAILABLE: past the registration deadline
3004-1 Financial Fitness Seminar 2/20/20182/27/2018UNAVAILABLE: past the registration deadline
3107-2 12-15 Most Common Herbs 4/24/20184/24/2018Available
3107-3 Starting A Herb Kitchen Garden 4/9/20184/9/2018Available
9901-1 Hassle Free Meals 3/8/20183/8/2018Available

Some important registration tips:
After you have chosen your class and click "Register", make sure to fill in all necessary personal information. You must pay for the class online in order for your registration to be completed. You will receive an e-mail confirming your payment. Please print a copy of your registration, or save it on your computer, if you do not receive a notification, please call 256-6010 to confirm your registration is complete. Please DO NOT leave items in your cart for an extended period of time, as a class may fill up while your item is in the cart and you will lose your spot. Also, please always clear the user browser cache/cookies so that items do not remain in your cart after your purchase has been completed.

If you are not able to register for a class, the class may be full or unavailable at this time. Please call us at 320-256-6010 if you would like to be placed on a waiting list or if you have any questions.