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F1076-1 Women's Volleyball League 11/8/20213/14/2022UNAVAILABLE: past the registration deadline
F1133-1 Recreational Basketball League 12/22/20213/2/2022UNAVAILABLE: past the registration deadline
SP1015-1 8 Hour Defensive Driving Course 3/15/20223/16/2022Available
SP1029-1 4 Hr Refresher Driving (April 5) 4/5/20224/5/2022Available
SP1030-1 4 Hr Refresher Driving (May 3) 5/3/20225/3/2022Available
SP1031-1 4 Hr Refresher Driving (May 24) 5/24/20225/24/2022Available
SP1094-1 Living Fencelines - March 10 3/10/20223/10/2022Available
SP1099-1 Rain Barrels - March 8 3/8/20223/8/2022Available
W0004-1 Rain Gardens (Feb 24) 2/24/20222/24/2022Available
W0009-1 Indoor Soccer League 1/9/20223/6/2022UNAVAILABLE: past the registration deadline
W0041-1 CPR/First Aid CPR/First Aid(Feb 23) 2/23/20222/23/2022Available
W0049-1 Gluten Free Baking!-Adult 18+Class 2/2/20222/2/2022Available
W0050-1 German Holiday Treats! (Adult 18+) 2/28/20222/28/2022Available
W1040-1 Learn to Play Pickleball 1/24/20221/24/2022Available
W1041-1 Learn to Play Pickleball 2/21/20222/21/2022Available
W1053-1 4 Hr Refresher-February 2 2/2/20222/2/2022Available
W1056-1 Mid Afternoon Movie-I Still Believe 1/25/20221/25/2022Available
W1057-1 Mid Afternoon Movie-"Only God Can" 2/8/20222/8/2022Available
W1058-1 Mid Afternoon Movie-Healed by Grace 2/22/20222/22/2022Available
W1172-1 Water Workout-January (5-6pm) 1/17/20222/21/2022UNAVAILABLE: past the registration deadline
W1174-1 Water Workout-February (5-6pm) 2/28/20224/4/2022Available
W5000-1 Pickleball Trny 65+(Recreational) 2/19/20222/19/2022Available
W5001-1 Pickleball Trny 65+(Competitive) 2/19/20222/19/2022Available
W5002-1 Pickleball Trny -Adult Recreational 2/19/20222/19/2022Available
W5003-1 Pickleball Trny (Adult Competitive) 2/19/20222/19/2022Available

Special Notice for Summer Registrations - Please list your child's current grade that they are completing.

If you are not able to register for a class, the class may be full or unavailable at this time. Please call us at 320-243-7570 if you would like to be placed on a waiting list or if you have any questions. Paynesville Area Community Education – 801 West Hwy 23 – Paynesville, MN 56362