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F1061-1 4 Hr Refresher Driving-Sept 9/17/20199/17/2019Available
F1080-1 Fresh from the Farm...Beef? 9/17/20199/17/2019Available
S1037-1 Introductory Pickleball (Mondays) 6/17/20197/29/2019UNAVAILABLE: past the registration deadline
S1038-1 Introductory Pickleball (Wednesday) 6/19/20197/31/2019UNAVAILABLE: past the registration deadline
S1056-1 Fresh from the Farm..Whole Chicken? 7/23/20197/23/2019Available
S1057-1 Fresh from the Farm...Sweet Corn? 8/13/20198/13/2019Available
S1063-1 Movie- Before All Others 7/9/20197/9/2019Available
S1064-1 Movie - The Upside 7/16/20197/16/2019Available
S1065-1 Movie - Run The Race 8/6/20198/6/2019Available
S1066-1 Movie-Five Feet Apart 8/20/20198/20/2019Available
S1085-1 Strong by Zumba (June) 6/6/20196/27/2019UNAVAILABLE: past the registration deadline
S1086-1 Strong by Zumba (July) 7/11/20197/25/2019Available
S1087-1 Strong by Zumba (August) 8/1/20198/29/2019Available
S1090-1 Chanhassen Mama Mia 8/7/20198/7/2019UNAVAILABLE: class is full

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Special Notice for Summer Registrations - Please list your child's current grade that they are completing.

If you are not able to register for a class, the class may be full or unavailable at this time. Please call us at 320-243-7570 if you would like to be placed on a waiting list or if you have any questions. Paynesville Area Community Education – 801 West Hwy 23 – Paynesville, MN 56362